Photo Editing Services

Kelowna Photo Editing offers a variety of custom photo editing services to match your specific needs. We specialize in real estate photography and portrait touch ups. We also offer photo restoration and creation of custom digital art. We can help you with any size of project, from a single photo to editing your entire family album.

Restoration & Repair

Are your your family photos showing signs of wear? Do you have vintage photos that have faded or been damaged? We can help by creating digital copies of your photos and then repairing any damage or imperfections, so you will have prefect copies to save or create high quality prints from.

Kelowna Vintage Photo Repair
  • Fix creases, folds & tears
  • Repair sun or water damage
  • Restore faded photos
  • Colourize black and white images
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Real Estate

Take your own real estate photos and have them enhanced to a professional level. Great for private listings or realtors. Let Kelowna Photo Editing improve and enhance your images, while maintaining accuracy to what purchasers or guests can expect.

Kelowna Real Estate Photo Editing
  • Adjust color & exposure
  • Add blue skies
  • Remove people & clutter
  • Fill empty pools
  • Render completed renovations
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Portrait Touch Ups

Not happy with your wedding pictures, family portraits, grad photos or modeling shots? There is nothing wrong with wanting to make some minor changes to photos that will let you remember your special day. There are many minor adjustments that can be made to a portrait style shot. Have your photos touched-up as much, or as little as you like.

Kelowna Portrait Touch-up
  • Adjust color & exposure
  • Airbrush skin tones
  • Remove blemishes / Improve complexion
  • Whiten teeth / Enhance eye color
  • Add/Remove people
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Custom Art Projects

Have an idea for something creative? Want to create a truely unique piece of art, but don't know where to start? We will work with you and turn your photos into the artistic piece you imagine.

Kelowna Custom Digital Art
  • Combine multiple photos
  • Render special effects
  • Let your imagination run wild
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