Portrait Touch-Ups

Portrait Photo Editing
Portrait Photo Editing Portrait Photo Editing Portrait Photo Editing Portrait Photo Editing Portrait Photo Editing

We all try to remember the important events in our lives with photos that truly capture the essence of the moment. Unfortunately, sometimes the photos we take can fall short. The wrong angle, bad lighting or a person standing in the wrong place can ruin an otherwise perfect shot. Even a studio portrait or professional photo may require some minor adjustments before it meets your expectations. Let Kelowna Photo editing touch-up your photos as much or as little as like.

Don't want to let your valuable photos out of your sight?

We understand and are happy to come to you and scan your original photos on-site.

Kelowna Portrait Photo Editing

Minor Adjustments

  • Nearly every photo can be improved with minor adjustments to its colour and exposure. The application of filters and adjustments to the depth of field can turn a standard photo into something much more
  • Airbrush skin tones
  • Remove blemishes / Improve complexion
  • Whiten teeth / Enhance eye color

Kelowna Portrait Photo Editing

Remove People

  • Sometimes people just get in the way. A perfect photo can be hidden by too much clutter. We can add or remove people or objects from an image, creating the exact portrait you want.

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